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For artists. For people. For Portland.

This is a place for those with an immigrant mindset. A first-of-its-kind commission-free gallery, this space is designed to highlight artists who don’t fit neatly into the traditional art gallery box. The goal is to explore diversity, sexuality and give back to the community—as well as the artists whose work is featured.

One and all. Our mission is no commission. This is not a gallery. Sell your art not your soul.
crowd talking and drinking at gallery show opening.
One and All. Gallery 2023
Stadium leveled seating in gallery
Envelope with the print on it reading: A collective of ground-breaking creatives who use their imagination to impact the world.

In addition to receiving 100% of the proceeds from each event, each artist will be given the opportunity to pick a non-profit to donate to in conjunction with their monthly showcase.

INDUSTRY has always been more than an advertising agency. Having recently expanded into the first floor, we knew we wanted to use the space as a vehicle to uplift the Portland community and inspire generations. INDUSTRY One was the cultivation of that vision.

open floor and stadium leveled seating in gallery space
One and All
Bar seating in the center of gallery